(Posted originally on August 30th, 2006)

Here’s one that doesn’t need much explanation (but I’ll give some anyway). It has the sloppiest writing so far, but then again, the whole idea was to quickly get a hang of the drawing tablet and skip the manuscript. I did get some new ideas about how to utilize the tablet and how to make the drawings a bit “cleaner”. These ones turned out very, very sketchy, probably because I didn’t do any sketching first. That could be fixed by drawing some quick lines in grey and then the final picture in black, on a new layer and then just delete the first layer, pretty much like with pencil and ink, but just faster (hopefully).

Unfortunately, lately I haven’t had much time to get used to the tablet or to draw anything with pens, either. The new job is taking quite a share of my time and energy and now I feel a bit guilty for neglecting the blog. I’m quite sure there will be some new stuff by Sunday, at least. Just bear with me, okay?