(Posted originally on November 2nd, 2006)

Later on I will draw and write an epilogue to this story, so I won’t tell you how it all worked out here and now. Like I said in “Digging the Archives”, I consider this comic my personal best so far, probably because it was very exciting to draw and give to the Lovely Woman. I can still remember, how my sister and a couple of colleagues were constantly asking for updates on whether she had contacted me and how she liked the comic.

But, nine years later, I have to say that the comic is not very well drawn. That’s what you get for leaving things to the last minute (my standard operating procedure). I still didn’t want to polish it up too much, just add some grey to make the characters stand out and to give it a little colour here and there.

Next one will be one called “Events of the end of the week”, which could be regarded as my first food comic, since there is pretty much cooking, eating and drinking going on. Yes, I am working on new comics, too, but it’s taking some time (of which – as stated quite a few times now – I am currently running a bit short).