(Posted originally on August 13th, 2006)

If the pasta wasn’t all that quick to make, neither was the comic about it. This one took me three weeks to produce! Apparently the production dept. is experiencing some difficulties in picking up the pace after the vacation…

This one is based on true events, from some three-four years ago, when I had just started to make my own pasta. It was a Wednesday and I had a strange idea about home-made pasta being just as quick to make as cooking dry spaghetti. I was probably under the influence of Jamie Oliver, to whom everything is “dead simple and quick”. I don’t remember the sauce that was made that evening, but we had our dinner pretty late. So late, in fact, that Joanna told me never to make my own pasta again on a weekday, after work. I could see her point, so I have been obedient on that one ever since.

The origins of the sauce are a bit more obscure. I don’t remember how I have come up with that, so it might be a result of deliberate product development for comics, or it can be that I have come to think something like it on a day when I have searched through the frigdge and freezer for something to eat. Although I seem to be quite dismissive to the sauce in the comic, I’d say it is a pretty good one. It’s just not awfully creative; mixing shellfish, dill, white wine and butter can’t be considered too revolutionary. But it’s good, so go ahead and make it yourself! (do people try a lot of recipes from food blogs? I am not very good in that, but constantly improving)