(Posted originally on March 17th, 2007)

I have had all kinds of reasons for not updating the site with new comics, but never before this one: work. I am currently buried in work. For the next couple of months I am teaching some 30 hours a week in seven different courses, many of which are new to me. So there is plenty of preparation work to do. Plus, there are all kinds of reports, exams and assignments to read, correct and evaluate. This means that I do work related stuff every evening and all weekends. I don’t mean to complain, even though having to work that much is a bit new to me and it is annoying. (Deep inside I feel it’s only fair that I sometimes have to make an effort to earn my pay – if only the load was a bit more evenly distributed) As much as I’d like to, there just doesn’t seem to be time to draw right now.

But it’s not only comics that suffer because of my job. It also affects my cooking to such an extent that, at times, I no longer think of cooking as a hobby or a passion, but – gasp! – as a chore. Cooking has turned into a necessary evil that takes up time from everything else and thus merely increases my level of stress. Joanna needs proper food – especially since she is breast-feeding Axel – so I just can’t stop cooking for a month and let us live on take-away pizza and such. Planning and making the day’s dinner used to be the highlight of the day; my moment of creativity and accomplishment… (sob)

I really hope things get back to normal around May. Latest. I’m sorry for the slow pace (again!), but believe me, I haven’t forgotten about these comics, so there will be an update reasonably soon. In the meanwhile, you are urged to keep on truckin’!