(Posted originally on August 27th, 2007)

As one may have noticed, there has been absolutely nothing going on at Mostly About Food for two months now. It is a little embarrassing, but I just haven’t had the energy to draw anything in a while. July was vacation and I’ve been on paternity leave with Axel in August, and let me assure you, it’s a lot of work. He wants his porridge at 0700 hrs and finally agrees to fall asleep around 1930 hrs, at which point I am completely exhausted. We can barely stay awake long enough to watch a movie after the boy goes to sleep, so I haven’t even given much thought to doing any drawing in the evenings.

But now I’m slowly trying to catch up with the comics again. A few more panels to the one that I started in June. I really should have finished it back then, because the story takes place in May (it doesn’t matter yet, but springtime will have a small role in it later on). I will try to finish this story as quickly as possible, so that I can get started with a really cool, album-lenght story some time in September. You’ll see, if you just can stand to wait for an indefinite while.