(Posted originally on August 2nd, 2006)

I suddenly remembered the other day, when I was checking my work computer for personal files to be taken home, how I came up with the describing, if a bit dull and uninspiring name for this blog. Namely, at first I was planning to draw comics about sex. Those comics were going to be named “The Man Who Thinks Mostly About Sex”, which also would have been the name of the main character, loosely based on someone I know quite closely. The website was going to be named “mostlyaboutsex.com”. The reason for me not starting to draw those comics were that they might have been a bit too personal and revealing, and that since I am not Gene Simmons, I don’t have an endless amount of different and funny sex stories. Of course, some fifty per-cent of the stories would have been based on the experiences of my friends anyway, but still, in the end I didn’t feel that I could keep the thing alive all that long. But since it was MOSTLY about sex, I wrote down all kinds of other thoughts that had nothing to do with sex and then it would have been a permanent gimmick, how The Man Who Thinks… wasn’t really thinking about sex today, either, but something completely different. Like politics, traffic, terrorism, oranges and such.

Anyways, the name stayed on for some reason. I sort of like the laconic aftertaste of it. Maybe the Marketing Dept. would have preferred something like “The Food Comic Orgasmatron: Strip-sized deliciousness!” but that’s not my style. It could also be that I wanted to have a bit more serious-sounding name for the site in order to take distance from the often presumed childishness of comics as a medium. I am very much for the establishment of comics as another, common, accepted and useful means of self-expression and distribution of information, along with writing, tv, theatre, radio, etc. That is why I like to steer clear of the most cartoony elements so abundant in a lot of mainstream comics.

But now you don’t at least have to lie awake at night, wondering what’s behind the name of your favourite food comic website. It’s taken from an unborn sex comic website. Don’t you think that makes MAF a bit more sexy? (or would you rather have read the sex comics? :D)